Ghosts or Just Old Energies?

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haunted-houseHollywood loves to make a big deal of ghosts and evil spirits that may lurk in our homes and lives, but in real life there is really no reason for any entity to hang around close to the earth after they pass on. It is impossible for them to be confused about their situation and about where to go next. Others who have passed and heavenly helpers are there to escort every single person to their next destination in the afterlife. Nobody is left behind.

That’s not to say that our friends and relatives don’t spend time with us once they pass, they certainly do! They are around us frequently, especially in the beginning as everybody is adjusting to the new situation. However, they do not haunt us or have any negative influence over us or the things around us.

So then, what IS causing some of the paranormal activity we experience? Sometimes it is our loved ones sending us a message, such as a bird who hovers near the window, or a sudden odor of your loved one’s favorite perfume. However, more often than not, the funny feelings that you get are all about the energy that has been left behind after an event, or the energy from a person who lived in the space for a while, or even just some strong emotions somebody felt while they were standing in the same place in the past (or even the future, but that is a subject for another day).

One day, I found a home in a lovely older neighborhood that I thought might work for my daughter. The place was clearly vacant and a bit overgrown. I had not noticed it on the MLS, but had not really been looking in that area. I called the listing agent from the sign and asked if I could go into the house and preview it. After getting approval to go in, I used my Realtor key to open the front door and step inside. The house had kind of an abandoned feeling which is quite common after a person who has lived in the space for a long time has died. It’s not really a positive feeling, but it’s not necessarily negative either. Buyers will have varying reactions to it. Most will not even notice.

I looked around the main floor and decided to go to the basement. As I descended down the stairs into the darkness, I suddenly had an intense feeling of overwhelming evil. I took about three steps of ten and then stopped. It was as though there was something incredibly dark and menacing lurking below.

I employed my intuition and asked if anybody alive was downstairs, such as an intruder. No, I was told, there is no live energy coming from the basement. I took another step down and again, the feeling of unspeakable evil raced towards me and over my head. I stopped there and pondered like I always do, “Is this my imagination? Am I being a scaredy cat for no reason?” I took another step down and the feeling was so intensely scary that I went back up the stairs, closed the front door, locked it, went quickly to the car and drove away. I was done with that.

So, what happened you ask? Some people might say that there was an evil being or entity in the basement, however I believe that something had happened in the past in that basement (such a murder or torture) left lingering energy of the event was still in the walls and other items still sitting in the basement. This situation does not put anybody in direct danger, however it certainly can be troublesome to sensitive spirits like me, or worse, possibly somewhat influential to a less stable mind who might end up residing there. In my opinion, this is the potential explanation of people’s odd behaviors after they move into a new space, people who may be going through a vulnerable emotional or mental time in their lives.

I want to make it clear that this kind of discovery is an extremely rare experience for me. This was the worst “evil” energy that I had ever encountered and I will tell you I will never go back there ever again. Something horrific had gone on in that space and the intense energy was still lingering. This is the reason why many people believe so strongly in “smudging” their new living space, or even a new piece of used furniture or other used items. Smudging helps to clear old energies and help the new occupants move forward totally in control of the energetic aspects of their new space.

This is something that anybody can sense. The next time you are in an old building, stand quietly and see what occurs to you. If something feels negative, try not to worry, It can’t hurt you, but is more like a report on what has happened there in the past. Try it!

Oh, and I want to report that house was on the market a very long time before it sold. Hopefully the new folks are not bothered by the old energies, or they took care of clearing them out before they moved in.

Happy house hunting!


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“PSSST! Tell them I’m okay!”

DSC_0616.NEFThe deceased’s children had gathered in their Mother’s home to clean it up and place it on the market for sale. There were five adults, all in the 50-ish range. I pulled up to the curb just as the sun was setting and spotted the five of them through the warmly lit kitchen window as I stepped up onto the front porch.

As a Realtor, it is a common occurrence to receive a call to meet a family and interview with them to list a property that they wish to sell after a parent or relative has died. In essence, it is an interview for a job, and each time we must show up dressed our best garb and loaded with helpful information for the family to examine. It is a crazy time for them, so it is always my goal to be organized, helpful, dependable, and steady.

I straightened my scarf and rang the doorbell. Instantly from above and behind me I heard an insistent command, “Tell them I’m okay!!”

I knew right away that this was the deceased Mother of the five, and the owner of the house. Time stood still momentarily as I grappled with the situation. As is common, when a newly-departed spirit wants to communicate with family or other loved ones, they find a person who they know can “hear” them and ask for assistance. Or demand it, as the case may be. This happens to me on a regular basis.

I quickly summed up the situation. This lady was asking me to go into my job interview and announce to these people, who I have never met, that their deceased Mother had just spoken to me on the doorstep. I made an instant decision and flashed the answer back to her – “No, I am not going to do that!” from my mind. As the door opened, I tried as best I could to brush it off and went inside the house.

We had the meeting and I was hired to list and sell the home. I pulled away feeling guilty for not passing on the message that the mother so very much wanted to share. Thus is the problem for us who get these messages occasionally: If we “out” ourselves and share the message with a not-always-receptive audience, then we risk losing the job and possibly even our long-standing reputation in our community as a reliable and sane business person. All day long, when I am in other people’s homes, I receive similar impressions and I must make the choice to share or not to share them. Most of the time I don’t out of fear of being perceived as a total kook. The spirits for their part, have no concern about my reputation or the like, they just want to get their message across to their loved ones. It is always a tough call. It’s like being in the “psychic closet,” afraid to come out, but it is worse to stay in it because there are “others” in there with you who constantly ask you to do things that will “out” you.

As the listing agent, it was my job to return to the empty house on several occasions to conduct various activities such as cleaning, etc. The first time that I went back to this particular house alone, I was a little bit concerned that I might receive some backlash from the deceased homeowner for not sharing her message with her children. However, each time I returned there, it was peaceful and non-eventful. Of course this is not surprising and is how it should be, because if we think it through logically, the Mom or any recently released spirit really has no reason to hang around the house. To spirits on the other side, we who are conduits are just that, and as conduits we are of no interest to them except to assist if the time and place are right.

I write about this now because my Mother’s heart still wonders if I should have done what that Mother had asked and just walked right in and said, “Hey guys! Your Mom just said something to me on the front porch …. ” I mean, what’s the worst that can happen, right? Not get the job because they think I am crazy? It’s a tough call and one that I have to make consistently as an intuitive in an earthly body trying to make a living on this earthly plane.

What would you have done?

Love and light.


The “Other” Inhabitants of Your Home

August 27, 2011 2 comments

In the subtitle to this blog I alluded to “other inhabitants” who may be with you or lurking your home.  That sounds kinda creepy, so let me explain what I mean by that.

First it’s helpful to understand the basic energies that you may or may not have in your home at any given time.  And, this can apply to any structure or even any outside area. But since we are discussing homes in this blog, let’s talk about that.

Hollywood would have you believe that there are “trapped” souls and “bad” spirits who may be hanging around your home waiting to make your day pretty terrible and possibly even drive you straight to the insane asylum.  Some of the movies and TV shows I’ve seen are pretty entertaining and very imaginative. That’s because if Hollywood were to show what’s *really* going on in your home,  it would be pretty yawn-worthy.

So let’s start with the basics. Any time you or anybody is in a physical place, let’s say the neighborhood antique shop as an example, your energy will linger there after you leave. This is because our physical bodies are made up of energy at their core.  This is true of our spiritual body as well, which is our soul (higher self, God spark, whatever your term) that cannot be seen by human eyes because that energy is not dense enough to see.  Our soul-body energy does not die when our physical body dies,  it is in essence released and lives on in that particular energy form without the body until it is again transformed into something else. This would be what many call “life after death.”

Not only can we see, hear, smell, touch, and taste the human body, we can also “sense” when another human body has been in our space. A great example of this is when I schedule a showing with a Seller, then after the showing time has come and gone I will receive a call from the  Seller asking, “Did the agent come? It doesn’t feel like anybody has been here.” The Seller is simply “sensing” that there was no new or strange human energy in their home that day. Invariably, I will follow-up to find that indeed, the agent did NOT stop in for the scheduled visit.  So, even though many of us don’t realize it, we are very good at using our sixth sense to “know” about the energies of other human bodies in our spaces.

Back to the antique store. When the human patrons come and go from the store, the living energy of their human body leaves something of a very slight energy trail (think of it as a very fine mist that gently emanates from your body). After a time, it will dissipate as the human body gets farther away.  Other times, especially during moments of great importance to the involved humans, the energy of the humans will stay lodged in the structure and items in the structure for some time, even 100’s of years. I have always equated the amount time the energy stays in a structure to the intensity of the experience that the human(s) had while in it, or even their state of mind while there. (Think of it as a denser mist that seeps into the surrounding structures such as walls, brick, furniture, drapes, etc).

Let me throw out an example. In the early 1900’s there was a sewing factory in New York City that housed hundreds of sewing machine operators on any given work day.  A fire ripped through the building, killing many of the workers who were trapped. To this day, psychics and other sensitive people can go to the building (which has long since been rebuilt) and “sense” something of great tragedy happened there just by standing close to the building. They may not get the details, but they will “know” of the tragedy at that location.

This is my point, and the place where Hollywood and I must part ways. Television and movies would have you believe that the souls who were killed there are still in the building, wailing miserably about what happened as though they are somehow trapped there.  This is absolutely not so. But what IS there is the energy of the EVENT. This includes all the elements of the energy from the fear, terror, resignation, pain, etc., from the humans who perished there. This mix of energy is strong there, due to the severity and intensity of the human emotion and experience. The stronger the intensity, the more the energy is attached to the structure, and the easier it can be discerned at other points in time by others.

So you see, every home or structure, no matter how new,  has some of these energies. They are not ghosts of people, they are the leftovers from events and the people who had experiences in or near the structure.  All homes have this, and it is nothing to worry about. You yourself are depositing your own energy there via your own experiences. You can’t help it, and it’s perfectly normal.

Am I saying that spirits AREN’T lingering as well?  No, I definitely am not! Spirits ARE lingering as well, lots of them. However, it is important for you to understand that these are your helpers who are there by choice, and that anything “negative” you may feel from your own home is likely due to EVENT energy from the past or some other EVENT issue.

I used the antique store example below because I wanted to make a parallel point that event energy is often stored in items such as furniture and personal belongings, such that when you move the furniture out of its original location to a new location, sometimes attached negative energy will go with it. In this case, it is a good idea to smudge (clear the energy of) the piece before it comes into your home.  Negative energies can be smudged from your home and grounds as well, and I will talk about that in another post.

So to summarize, it is MUCH MORE LIKELY that the “other inhabitants” of your home are going to be EVENT energies (history), rather than SOUL energies (ghosts).  Neither is anything to be afraid of (in most cases).

Sit quietly at home some day and see what “comes” to you. I am betting it will be an interesting piece of history that you can later confirm.  House reading is fun! I hope you will try it soon.

Love and light – Jen

Sugar and Spice and Everything Ni … AHHHHGGG! What was that?

August 23, 2011 4 comments
ghost girl haunted house

A little ghost girl in period clothing

It’s not often you see a home that is over 100 years old in my western state. However, I recently got the opportunity to list a historic  home that was 145 years old. It was a true-life pioneer home and I was thrilled. Double fun for me, the 80-year-old owner is the matriarch of a family whom I adore and who I have assisted with sales in the past. I consider her a dear friend.

After my first visit to this home, a structure that had been abandoned for over 10 years, I knew that I would need my handyman to help me do a good trash-out of the place. After he took a look at the scope of the work and gave me a bid, my Seller hired him to do the job and he eagerly got started clearing away the overgrown bushes from the front of the home.

This task took several days. One day I stopped by to find him dragging large branches across the yard. He turned and looked at me, and matter-of-factly said, “There was a little girl over there. A little ghost girl. I saw her over there.” He pointed towards some bushes that were close to the front door. I looked and didn’t see anything, but I know him well and didn’t doubt him at all. He has a very “open” type of energy which makes him much liked and approachable by all.

scary door haunted house

The door kept closing on its own, leaving me in total darkness….

Later in the week, I happened to stop by the house alone one afternoon. The midday sun was shining brightly as I stepped into the front foyer of the house. The inside was pitch dark inside because the windows had been long ago boarded up. As I stopped to let my eyes adjust, the door began to slowly shut behind me. Unconcerned, I pushed it back open but noticed there was no breeze whatsoever that could have caught the door to close it. This happened twice more and finally I had to prop the door open so I would have light to see inside the house.

As I turned my attention back to the house, I suddenly heard four heavy, distinct footsteps walk across the wood porch behind me. I whirled around but saw absolutely nothing. I now suspected that something else was going on beyond the usual. I “felt” for any nearby energy and found only a lighthearted playfulness. It was as though somebody was happy to see me and was trying to entice me to play. It was very definitely there, but completely non-threatening. I thought nothing more about it, completed my work and left.

A few weeks later, I decided to hold an open house for curious neighbors. The day before the open house I was outside in the yard doing some last-minute preparations. My lender drove up to have a look at the house to give me an opinion on lending possibilities. He’s a good friend so I said hello and encouraged him to go in and have a look at the house while I continued what I was doing outside. Much to my surprise, he walked up to the front door, hesitated, turned around and abruptly told me he remembered he had somewhere to be. He left quickly without even going in and said nothing else to me.

Open house haunted house little girl

I had over 100 people come to the open house, many of whom asked if I thought the house was haunted.

The next day at the open house, my lender was at my side at the welcome table outside of the home. We had a huge turnout, and as the open house was winding down, somebody asked me playfully if I thought the house was haunted. In turn, I told them the story of the little girl my handyman had seen the previous week. Everybody was amused, except my lender friend, who silently went white as a sheet. After the crowd left he said, “I didn’t tell you this but yesterday when I looked in the front door of the house, I saw a little girl standing in the foyer!! I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to do except leave quickly and that’s why I ran out of here!” Poor guy, I couldn’t blame him for his reaction. He told me that she didn’t seem scary, in fact quite the contrary, but that he just didn’t feel that he could stay there after he’d seen that. We agreed that since both men had seen the little girl, and because I had also encountered “somebody” playful in the same area she had been seen, that she was definitely an entity to be believed in!

I thought no more about it until I went to see my client the next weekend. I was telling her about the open house and joked that some people had asked me if I thought the house was haunted. Her reply was instant. She said, “Oh yes! We had a renter in there for 5 years who told us that she often saw a little girl there, on the front porch and in the front room. We never saw her but our renter saw her frequently.”

Clearly my Seller was comfortable with the idea of this little ghost girl. I didn’t see any point in mentioning the other occurrences to her, so I didn’t. But I later shared what she had said with both of the guys.  They were both truly blown away.

So, how would I interpret this? It seems like an awfully big coincidence that the three of them would mention this little girl without knowing about her from anywhere else. I personally never “saw” her but had sensed her innocent and playful energy when I was at the house. I don’t believe that souls are truly “trapped” here on earth like Hollywood would have you believe, but I do believe that they visit, and can take on any form that they wish in order to convey a message. I am guessing that this soul once had happy times at this house, and enjoys a visit once in a while to partake of the comings and goings of others in the house. She feels peaceful and playful. Do I think she’ll show up to the new owners? Hard to say. I suppose it depends upon how playful she thinks they are!

By the way, I did get the door closings and the footstep sounds on my iPhone video recorder. I was videoing something else and the timing was perfect.

Here’s to finding a home that makes you so happy, you’ll even want to visit it from the other side!

Love and light – Jennifer

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So, What is Psychic Anyway? (Blog Intro)

April 10, 2011 1 comment

It's not difficult to tell when something "extra" is present in a new listing.

The truth is, I don’t really know what psychic is.   All I know is that from a young age I “knew” things, things that other people around me didn’t seem to pick up on.  It’s like another sense, a 6th sense. It’s not something that I think much about, but it does provide some advantages in my job as a Real Estate Broker.

My abilities are called “Claircognizant” or “a sudden knowing.” For me it’s like somebody has suddenly placed a thought into my head. I know that it is there, I know what it is, and I know I didn’t put it there. It has to be managed carefully or it can be a bit of a crazy-maker.  This type is also called “Intuitive” (Intuition: understanding without apparent effort).

There are other kinds of psychics as well. Clairaudients hear voices (no thanks) and Clairvoyants can actually see ghosties and things that go BOO.  I sometimes can do those things, and other times I can detect scents (Clairalient). But for the most part, I am an ordinary, garden variety Claircognizant.

I also have medium abilities which means I can sometimes understand communications from those who passed over.  I can understand animals, and I can see past lives, yours or mine. I generally choose not to, at least voluntarily.  I am sensitive to the energies around me and am able pick up on what is going on in the energetic field around us.

Just for the record, and let me make this perfectly clear:  I am not very good at any of this. I’ve never wanted it nor did I encourage it. I don’t pursue any of it actively, and I don’t proactively seek it out. These stories contained within are 100% about what finds me as I go about my daily business walking around your house.  Sometimes it’s annoying, sometimes it’s scary, sometimes I ask “it” to go away, but it’s always interesting. I often get some very good insight into the history and health of homes and buildings and that in turn helps me to understand how to better market the home.

Welcome. This blog contains my “ghost” stories.  Let the fun begin.